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With a view to ending the devastating illegal wildlife trade across the world, WWF needed to exert pressure on the UK government ahead of the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference (IWT). The creative concept was simple, to put the British public in the driving seat by allowing them to literally stop traffic. We transformed zebra crossings into “Endangered Animal Crossings” and those who walked across them signed a pledge to give their name to the cause.


We were ambitious yet determined that once our pledge had received enough engagement, we would have a giant elephant making the symbolic crossing. So, we enlisted the help of holographic experts, Kaleida, to create a life-size African elephant hologram. This giant fauna eerily appearing juxtaposed against the London backdrop.







The animal crossings and hologram elephant gained intrigue both in real life and across social media. Within a few days, the pledge had over 124,000 signatures and appeared widely across national media. Within the week the campaign won PR Week UK's 'Campaigns We Liked in October'.


  • Over 124,664 people signed the petition 

  • The campaign reached over 412 million people through earned media coverage alone

  • Widely covered by the likes of BBC Online News, Daily Telegraph, Independent Online, Evening Standard Online & Print, Daily Star + was broadcasted on London Live and Al Jazeera

  • Won Stunt of The Year 2019 in both the Drum PR Awards and the PR Moment Awards


I was part of this campaign from start to finish. I helped conceptualise this idea, was instrumental in bringing it to life and was the key scriptwriter. I attended the shoot and edit days, weighing in on decisions from photography to social media copy.